07-09 February 2014: DHS Europe Cup - Lausanne - 2nd Day

07-09 February 2014: DHS Europe Cup - Lausanne - 2nd Day

The second day of the competition revealed the great finalists of the event and they are: Marcos Freitas (Portugal), Michael Maze (Denmark), Viktoria Pavlovich (Belarus) and Liu Jia (Austria) respectively in Men´s and Women´s Singles competitions. (Read More)

Men´s Singles:

1st Semi Final: Marcos Freitas vs Adrien Mattenet 4-0

The portuguese star was impeccable throughout the game preventing his opponent to reach the levels of confidence needed to discuss the match.

Marcos Freitas knew that Adrien Mattenet can be really dangerous when he finds his rhythm and starts in a lead so he kept the control of the game and with an excellent performance he dominated the french star from the beginning. 

A well deserved presence in the final for Marcos Freitas who won all his matches in this road till the final.

2nd Semi Final: Michael Maze vs D. Ovtcharov 4-2

We are all celebrating the return of Michael Maze after his injury problems but most important is that he´s doing himself too.

He´s playing with the right attitude and enjoying the game with the right dose of ambition to win major titles! 

The charismatic dane star played a superb match against D. Ovtcharov that has never been able to impose his game.

M. Maze opened a 3 sets to 1 lead and in the fifth he was leading 8-5 with the serve. We thought it was over for Ovtcharov but Maze missed the serve and the next two points went also for D.Ovtcharov who got a lucky ball followed by a great point.

Suddenly we started to think that the Gods were with the reigning champion and maybe this was the turning point of the game, but we were wrong! 

D. Ovtcharov reduced the deficit winning the 5th set but Michael Maze kept his nerves and capitalized his victory in the 6th set without margin of doubts.

Women´s Singles:

1st Semi Final: Li Jiao vs Liu Jia 2-4

Liu Jia recorded one more victory against Li Jiao (the third in the last 4 years at ITTF events) and prevented the dutch star of winning the 5th title of her career at the European Top 12.

It was a convincing victory and a fair access to the final by a Liu Jia in fine form after the recent victory at the ITTF World Tour that was held in Hungary.

2nd Semi Final: Viktoria Pavlovich vs Petrissa Solja 4-0

Viktoria Pavlovich´s superiority was never threatened in this semi final and the solid defensive game of the belarusian left Petrissa Solja incapable of playing her best table tennis.

Despite the loss, the presence of Petrissa Solja in the semi finals is a remarkable achievement in the career of the german athlete. 

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(Photo: Michael Maze)