07-09 February 2014: DHS Europe Cup - Lausanne - 1st Day

07-09 February 2014: DHS Europe Cup - Lausanne - 1st Day

The first day of the competition proved to be a nightmare for the romanian athletes and a perfect day for the portuguese duo Marcos Freitas and Tiago Apolónia. (Read More)

In the women´s competition Eliza Samara and Daniela Dodean, both from Romania, were eliminated with two defeats each.

Eliza Samara started the competition with a heavy defeat against Petrissa Solja from Germany (0-3) and later, under pressure, she lost to Liu Jia (Austria) by 3 sets to 2.

Daniela Dodean was also unable to play her best table tennis and she lost to Li Jiao and Iveta Vacenovska by three sets to nil.

In Group 2 Viktoria Pavlovich and Wu Jiaduo proved their superiority defeating Rachel Moret by 3 sets to 1 and in a contest that would determine the first position in the Group Viktoria Pavlovich prevailed with a convincing victory against Wu Jiaduo by three sets to nil.

In Group 4 Georgina Pota (Hungary) and Margarita Pesotska (Ukraine) left Hu Melek (Turkey) out of the quarter-finals.

In the Men´s Singles competition (Qual. Groups) Tiago Apolónia was the "men of the day".

He caused the major upset of the day defeating the reigning European Champion D. Ovtcharov by 3 sets to 2 and secured the first position in Group 1 after an extraordinary victory against Robert Gardos (Austria) by 3-1.

Both performances reveals two things: that Tiago Apolónia is obviously in good form and that he´s mentally prepared to do excellent results in Lausanne.

Marcos Freitas was also in fine form as he defeated Alexey Smirnov by three sets to nil and Michael Maze by 3 sets to 2 securing the first place in the Group 3.
The second position of the group was conquered by Michael Maze that defeated Alexey Smirnov without margin of doubt - 3-0 was the result.

Michael Maze seems to be recovered from his injury (we all hope so) and despite being away from competition in the last year he´s ready to fight for the title in Lausanne.

In Group 2 Timo Boll and Adrien Mattenet secured the presence in the quarter-finals leaving Andrej Gacina (Croatia) in the last position of the group.

Finally in Group 4 the access to the quarter-finals was conquered by Panagiotis Gionis (Greece) and A. Shibaev (Russia).

Adrian Crisan from Romania was eliminated despite the win against Alexander Shibaev in the first round.

Definitely this was not the best day for the romanian athletes.

Today´s Main Draw:

Men´s Singles Quarter-Finals:

Tiago Apolónia (Portugal) vs Adrien Mattenet (France)

Marcos Freitas (Portugal) vs. A. Shibaev (Russia)

Panagiotis Gionis (Greece) vs Michael Maze (Denmark)

Timo Boll (Germany) vs D. Ovtcharov (Germany)

Women´s Singles Quarter-Finals:

Li Jiao (Netherlands) vs Margaryita Pesotska (Ukraine)

Wu Jiaduo (Germany) vs Liu Jia (Austria)

Georgina Pota (Hungary) vs Petrissa Solja (Germany)

Iveta Vacenovksa (Czech Republic) vs Viktoria Pavlovich (Belarus)

(Photo: Tiago Apolónia)