ITTF World Tour Grand Finals: Yu Mengyu captures the women´s doubles title

ITTF World Tour Grand Finals: Yu Mengyu captures the women´s doubles title

Today ended the 2012 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals that was held in Hangzhou, China. Zhan Jian, Yu Mengyu, Noshad Alamiyan, Tan Ruiwu and Chen Chien-An were present at the event and they recorded superb performances and results. Yu Mengyu captured the Women´s Doubles title and Noshad Alamiyan got the second place in the U21 Boys Singles competition



Zhan Jian defeated Oh Sangeun, in the second round of the main draw, before losing to Wang Hao by 4-1 in the quarter-finals of the competition.

The match against Oh Sangeun was epic and recorded some of the best points of the competition.


2nd Round: vs Oh Sang Eun:

Quarter-Finals: vs Wang Hao:


Yu Mengyu defeated Polina Mikhailova from Russia by 4-1 in the first round before losing to Liu Shiwen by 4-0.


Noshad Alamiyan defeated Simon Gauzy and Kristian Karlsson and finished the group stage in the second position, after losing to Patrick Franziska by 4-3.

In the semi finals he defeated Jung Youngsik from South Korea by 4-2.

In the final stage of the competition Noshad Alamiyan wasn´t able to find his best rhythm and lost to Patrick Franziska by 4-1.


Group Stage: vs Patrick Franziska

Semi Finals: vs Jung Youngsik:

Final: vs Patrick Franziska:


Tan Ruiwu defeated Kazuhiro Chan from Japan by 4-0 in the first round of the main draw before losing to Joo Saehyuk by 4-3.


1st Round: vs Kazuhiro Chan: 

2nd Round: vs Joo Saehyuk:


Chen Chien-An failed the qualification to the semi finals of the U21 competition despite the win over Jung Youngsik (winner of the group).

In the Men´s Singles competition Chen Chien An defeated Vasili Lakeev from Russia in by 4-3 before losing to Wang Hao by 4-2 in the second round.


2nd Round: vs Wang Hao:


Men´s Singles: Xu Xin (China)

Women´s Singles: Liu Shiwen (China)

U21 Boys: Patrick Franziska (Germany)

U21 Girls: Kasumi Ishikawa (Japan)

Men´s Doubles: Gao Ning & Li Hu (Singapore)

Women´s Doubles: Yu Mengyu & Feng Tianwei (Singapore)

(Photo: Yu Mengyu)