Olympic Games 2012: Noshad Alamiyan: a rising star

Olympic Games 2012: Noshad Alamiyan: a rising star

Noshad Alamiyan from Iran reached the round of 32 at the men´s singles competition. To reach this stage he had to defeat: Justin Han (Australia) and Tang Peng (Hong Kong) before losing to Timo Boll (Germany).


First Round: Noshad Alamiyan vs Justin Han: 11-5,11-7,11-7,13-11

Second Round: Noshad Alamiyan vs Tang Peng:  11-8,11-5,7-11,11-9,8-11,5-11,12-10

Round of 32: Noshad Alamiyan vs Timo Boll: 8-11,5-11,10-12,10-12

The victory against Tang Peng, nº 32 in the world ranking, was just another sign of Noshad Alamiyan´s talent.

If we took in consideration that Noshad Alamiyan comes and plays in Iran, his recent achievements prove that he´s a serious case in the table tennis scene.  

In the last year he defeated the legend Wang Liqin at the Asian Cup, Kim Min Seok and Seo Hyun Deok from Korea and Yang Zi from Singapore.

He also won the Morocco Open, the Fajr Cup and climbed from the nº 153 to the nº 77 in the world ranking. 

Next month Noshad Alamiyan might be inside the top 60 in the world but will he be able to be a top 20 in the near future? 

(Photo: Noshad Alamiyan)